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Antonin De Bemels

VJ performance
In this performance, the focus is on a masked character named ‘Bonhomme Daniel’. He is a solitary fellow, spending his time reading or purposelessly laying on the moquette in his scarcely furnished apartment. His visual appereances take various shapes, depending on his mood: a masked real-life being, a little puppet, a drawing. From an apparently still and boring subject, the idea is to create a dynamic and consistent mixture of feelings and sensations, making out the portrait of someone that could be me, but in which anyone may also recognize a part of himself… In each live session, the various video sequences or ‘scenes’ appear in a different order, their original continuity is manually disturbed using the ‘scrub’ feature of my editing software. And all these ‘remixed’ video sequences are inlaid with drawings and almost abstract textures. Everything is prepared except the final result…