You are currently viewing Time to Bone Remixxx

Arno Coenen

video installation
The Remixxx is a variation of the black box version of Time to Bone: in the kind of one-man cabins that you find in porn-film theatres, you can insert a coin and then make a choice from a film menu of which all the ingredients are aimed at one thing only: to help you masturbate. There is something for everyone: Ass and Titties, Make Love Not War (with an Arab taking a Jew from behind), SM cellars, Japanese bondage, etc. For single-channel display, Coenen made a continuous performance out of a series of videos that look as if a web surfer could have found them on the internet (including ‘click here’ advertising banners). To the accompaniment of matching sounds and music, we see how the mouse glides over the mouse mat and then clicks. What the man in the video is obviously amazed to find ‘splashes off the screen’, his excitement mounting visibly.