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Galina Myznikova and Sergey Provorov

The Slippery Mountain Skolskaya Gora, 06:05, Color, Stereo, RU, 2006

The youth of the modern society are geographically remote from the military operations that take place on the world’s periphery. But they are trying to simulate such psychologically extreme situations. In film a group of extremity-minded people are explicitly imitating a collective execution by a firing squad in a mountain. The sight of the extreme performance will remind a curious spectator of the horror of the formerly endured nightmare, in which the spectator had to climb up and roll down a steep slope, as well as of the punishment of mythic Sisyphus. The modern extreme games of youth are the very potentially useful work the outputs of which are useless in the framework of the existing society, and the work itself is endless. But as Camus believed, a struggle to reach the top is sufficient to fill one’s heart with hope.