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ABSOLUTELY DEAD APSOLUTNO 0005 | 07:00, Color, Stereo, RS, 1995

The video is a pseudo-documentary of a pseudo-investigation into a death case. The victims are two half-built and abandoned trans-oceanic liners, left at the shipyard in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, between the 1,258th and 1,259th kilometer of the Danube. The video features the members of APSOLUTNO as detectives who undertake a detailed investigation into the condition of the ships: the interior of the ships is examined thoroughly, while textual details about the ships appear on the yellow emergency ribbon on the screen. The final conclusion is that it is impossible to state any causes of the death of the ships with certainty and that this is a case of absolute death.
In this video, APSOLUTNO uses the evident condition of the ships as a metaphor for a particular social environment at a particular time.