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Bogdanka Poznanović Award
2 channel video installation, Sound by Mira Calix, GB, 2008
Bogdanka Poznanović Award, main prize for the installation or live piece went toNatures (Quayola) which expands on his work seen in single screen video programs. His use of motion tracking software develops a multilayered aesthetic reminiscent of the Vorticists of the 20s. It appears to make visible the energies connecting things. The more you look at it the more you see in it.. A treat for aesthetes. Although its not live, its what’s happening now. (jury members: David Larcher, Jan Vebeek, Zoran Pantelic)
Natures is a project that explores the dialogue between the natural and the artificial, creating a world where these two elements coexist harmoniously. It consists on a series of audio-visual compositions that simulates organic behaviors through an atypical use of motion tracking techniques. The melodious movement of plants spinning with the wind triggers an intricate web of computer-generated lines and shapes. Interpreting the organic structures of the plants, the artificial element becomes part of the natural and vice versa.