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Milica Lapčević and Vladimir Šojat

trinity rgb 06:03, Color, Mono, RS, 2008

A practical requirement for creator of every transformation system (either the one that is applied to programme or to particular being) is capacity to process the source code of the programming language of application to the level of transformative power. For many languages, the problem of building an adequate front end (part of a system that interacts directly with the viewer) for the transformation tool may overshadow invention itself, or entire work on its development. Semantic mapping which is the basis of the idea of this video features well known principles of contact with meta-data registry, search for synonyms, but also develops even further – creating a code generation of the video signal itself. From this point on, semantic and syntax processing develops in two different directions – one partially retrieving the code and creating numerically new structural generation, and the other – keeping the code reduced to primary sequences.