You are currently viewing Realm 1 Part 1

Thomas Mohr

Realm 1 Part 1  video installation, NL, 2008

In the long-term project Conditions of Existence Thomas Mohr has built a model for (the visualisatia on of) the processing of incoming images: storing, naming, ordering, structuring, experiencing, sedimentation and erosion. It is a (re)construction of memory, built from 266,144 photographs, taken over a period of 4 years, on different levels of being handled. Realm 1 is the product of a first phase in this research. In this case, the source material is a small sample of an exemplary series of photographs (comparable to samples taken from sediment). Realm 1 (Part 1) is an investigation within the framework of the 4:3 aspect ratio (typical for ‘old’ video and photos), the next parts of the work (Realm 1 (Part 2-4)) investigate the 16:9 aspect ratio (used in high definition video). In the beginning the viewer can still distinguish photos in the graphical images, but the whole doesn’t represent a recognisable event or traceable story anymore.