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Irena Škorić

ON/OFF 19:20, Color, Mute, HR, 2007

The main idea of this film is to emphasize activity and passivity of human life which is at one moment turned on and in another, due to human carelessness and disregard turned off. This film combines history and present time, memories and future. Traffic lights and their colours as symbol of human life are the main thesis: red – the colour of death, which is slowly turning off like human life, yellow – the colour of cautiousness, but also the colour of human carelessness, green – the colour of human freedom, movement and human life in full blossom. In final human moment other lives enter, disturb, or connect with somebody else’s lives. Most of events pass by quickly and are forgotten, but some are remembered. In that way the captured photos show specific moments “for memories” of these presented lives.