You are currently viewing SPAM the musical (THE LONELY GIRLS)

Boris Eldagsen

SPAM the musical (THE LONELY GIRLS) 4:56, Color, Stereo, NG, DE, AU, 2008

Based on the texts of e-mail-spam, this work is about make-believe and truth, hope and betrayal. Having collected e-mail-spam for over 2 years, Boris Eldagsen turns e-mail-spam into video art and video art into art spam. Together with a group of nearly a dozen Melbourne artists: renowned composers and sopranos; video and mixed-media artists of the next generation; new talents in art, music or drama, he has created a unique project that stretches genre limits and plays with the the viewer’s mind.
Each of the four videos is divided into two parts. The first part (“SPAM the muscial”) is an ironic, luring interpretation of a specific spam-email. The second part (”deleted scenes”) turns this notion around, creating an image of reality that looks behind the scenes and works like a cold shower compared to the first part.