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Artyčok.TV/audiovisual CZ, 2009

ust a minimal space for fine art on public and private televisions has lead teachers and students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (AVU) to found an independent Internet HDV television. Live archive contains mainly contributions from exhibition openings, interviews with artists, curators, records of workshops, competitions or conferences.Artyčok.TV is run by a civic society Artyčok.TV, o.s and by the Digital Laboratory of AVU.
Nowadays it is more difficult to understand the difference between a classical home video and a video with worldwide social context, in other words, a video that may be considered an artefact (videoart). Nevertheless, is the context really necessary? Many active artists publish on YouTube because it offers its users many possibilities. However, in case of Artyčok.TV the situation is different: videos are chosen by curators in order to maintain their high quality.