International Jury of the 15th International Video Festival Videomedeja in 2011. with the following members: Zoran Bojović from Monte Negro, Čed Pakuševskij from Serbia and Leila Topić from Croatia, has made the following decisions:



The Sphinx Award for the best video:

Niina Suominen, A Finnish Fable,  Color, Stereo, 05:35, FI, 2011 

After several hours of discussion, an international jury composed of Leila Topić, Zoran Bojović and Čed Pakuševskij decided to reward work “A Finnish Fable” by Niina Souminen with the “Sphinx” award. This work explores the idea of excess free time or certain disorientation within the frame of late capitalist society. In addition, the author deconstructs stereotypes of “perfect” life in the Scandinavian countries: in a world where everything is precisely regulated human being has become a puppet. Also, it is worthwhile to consider the permeating witty music and animation in the final procedures that result in entertaining film which boldly explores the idea of free time.


Bogdanka Poznanovic Award for the best Media Installation, Live piece, Software, URL:

Richard Vickers, James Field, Tampere an interactive documentary,, FI, GB, 2011

The jury unanimously awarded the work of Richard Vickers and James Fields’ 24-hours. in Tampere “due to the potential of participatory work, and some homage to Dziga Vertov and his ” Man with a Camera ” in the 21st century.



Special mention:

Anouk de Clerq, Oh,  BW, Stereo, 08:00,BE, 2010

Jury jointly gives special recognition to Anouk de Clercq for her work “Oh” because of the very strong audio/visual potential.



Special mention:

Neil Ira Needleman, Meeskeit,  Color, Stereo, 07:30, US, 2011

Jury member, Leila Topić gives special recognition to Ira Neil Needleman for his work “Meeskeit” because of the bitter sweet story about the relationship that never existed, which eventually eliminates all of life’s illusions.



Special mention:

Faith Holland, Artist’s Statement, Color, Stereo, 02:40,US, 2011 

Jury member, Čed Pakuševskij highlights the work “Artist’s Statement” by Faith Holland because of the subversive potential of the work within the context of video festival.



Special mention:

Charles Fairbanks, Irma, 12:15, Color, Stereo, MX, 2010

Jury member, Zoran Bojović highlights “Irma”, the work of Charles Fairbanks, due to perfectly selected subject matter.