24-hours.in Tampere an interactive documentary

James Field, Richard Vickers

24-hours.in Tampere an interactive documentary, http://www.24-hours.in, FI, GB, 2011

Bogdanka Poznanović Award

The jury unanimously awarded the work of Richard Vickers and James Fields’ 24-hours. in Tampere “due to the potential of participatory work, and some homage to Dziga Vertov and his ” Man with a Camera ” in the 21st century.
The project has continued to develop over the last year adding new locations around the world. Utilising user-generated video captured on mobile phones and available devices, the project is participatory, with the audience contributing documentary videos around the theme of 24-hours in a city. With reference to Dziga Vertov’s ‘Man with a Movie Camera’, the aim is for the videos to document the cities, the people that live there and their daily lives.