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Anouk de Clercq

Oh, 08:00, BW, Stereo, BE, 2010

Special Mention

Jury jointly gives special recognition to Anouk de Clercq for her work “Oh” because of the very strong audio/visual potential.

“Oh” seeks to reanimate the ambitious, utopian spirit of renegade architect Etienne-Louis Boullée (1728-1799). True to the spirit of the utopian architectural tradition Boullée is part of, he is probably best remembered today for one unrealized project in particular: the design for a gigantic sphere-shaped shrine dedicated to one of the founding fathers of modern science, Isaac Newton (1784). Although the historical reference to an unrealized architectural project adds a nostalgic, melancholy twist to “Oh”, De Clercq nevertheless stays true to her well-documented passion for images of futurity.