You are currently viewing 我(看著你看著我)∞


Video installation, HK, 2011
Experiment! Fantasy! Documentary?!
CCTV cameras as video cameras, lift as a performing stage:
A ‘Closed Circuit’ Live Performance x Video Arts
I am looking at you
You are looking at me
I am
looking at you looking at me
I am looking at you looking at me looking∞
In Hong Kong, I always feel that we are being monitored by SOMEONE, by plenty of ‘Sky Eye’, by Paparazzi, by Youtubers, by The Authorities, by self-censorship…etc. In the future, Can we keep on searching and questioning the ‘Truth’, showing crave and expressing our vision to the world?
Using the CCTV system as a metaphor, to present an attitude – Who is afraid of…? Magnifying our daily life fantasies, reversing our passive situation of being monitored, being initiative to create arts, opening up space for the ‘Closed Circuit’… It’s time to step out of the box, ‘Throw Away Your Books, Rally in the Streets’! Getting to know our city, to speak out, hoping to make Real Changes.