Reetta Neittaanmäki

Lilliput, Media installation, Sound design by Jari Suominen, Finland, 2011

Special Mention
Jury members are especially stricken by the way in which in this work combines two particular relationships, first the one of the spectator with the installation as an object, and secondly with the cartoon character inside the reality the work portraits.

Lilliput is a stereoscopic digital peep show installation inspired by Edison’s Kinetoscope and other early motion picture devices. Lilliput is a little man who lives in a room built into a wooden box. When he wakes up in his bed he is surprised to find out he is under surveillance. The theme of the work is peeping and its different forms in our society, such as reality television and surveillance cameras. It doesn’t give any straight answers about the theme but rather gives the viewer freedom in his or her own interpretations.