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Les Miserables

One good day; 45.2500°/ N 19.8500° E, Portable game (Android app), Serbia, 2013, RS, 2013

Bogdanka Poznanovic Award for the best Media Installation, Live piece, Software, URL

The jury believes that the category of installation offers opportunities for different interactions between works and spectators than single channel video. We felt that on the whole the installation in the competition this year did not take advantage of these opportunities. Only one work was committed to a different relationship with the participant, and although still raw, the jury awards the Bogdanka Poznanović prize to “One Good Day” by the group “Les Miserables”.
Android, location based political game that contains specific geolocative and political information about the city. One good day is somewhat an alternative guide to Novi Sad, because by walking trough most memorable and iconic buildings of Novi Sad you learn the unrestricted stories of the corruption, political struggles and identity struggles within them.