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Bogumił Misala (IP Group) Jakub Lech (IP Group)

Deconstructing Identity Paradigm, Stereo, Poland, 2013

Bogdanka Poznanovic Award for the best Media Installation, Live piece, Software, URL

Deconstructing identity paradigm is a challenging live performance from Poland that is well constructed audiovisual collage. Bogumil Missal and Jakub Lech interact seamlessly on stage to create a consice and sharp work of digital age.

Identity Problem Group is an interdisciplinary artistic collective, combining visual and performing arts as well as dramaturgy with architecture, video and soundart. IP Group’s domain is improvisation grounded in devised theatre, transmedia activities, performance art, multimedia installations and film. IP endorses activities at the periphery of art and theoretical practice and discourse, opening up to various fields of creative thought and daily life, as well as focusing on the creative process.

dIP (Deconstructing Identity Paradigm) (performance, 2012) Audiovisual performance by Jakub Lech and Bogumił Misala in which three random streams: word, music, and image that provoke into a perceptive play. Habit—confused both the author and the receiver of the message/meaning start the process of coding and de—coding anew.