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Lasserre Grégory/Metden Ancxt Anaïs (Scenocosme)

Imaginary meetings, mute, France, 2013

Scenocosme mix art and digital technology in order to find substances of dreams, poetries, sensitivities and delicacies. They have exhibited at ZKM (Germany), at Daejeon Museum of Art (Korea), at Contemporary Art Museum Raleigh (USA),… in international events : Biennial Experimenta (Australia), Biennial International of Contemporary Art of Seville (Spain), TransLife / Triennial of Media Art (Beijing), ISEA (Belfast & Istanbul & Albuquerque & Sydney), EXIT, VIA, La Gaîté Lyrique (Paris)

It presents a staging, which creates an ambiguity between a real physical space and a virtual space. There are a camera and a screen presented like a mirror. It reflects the body and face of the viewer. Virtual faces and hands are attracted slowly by this reflection and are trying to touch him, to catch him, to avoid him, to surprise him… These faces and hands have lots of various behaviors and question relationships to the other. They feel the presence and move along the face of the viewer.