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ZED ZED Dutzae

Therefore, 4.00 min, Stereo, Serbia, 2013

Zed received his BA in Art History at the Faculty of Philology of Belgrade. He focuses on digital photography, experimental video and writes about art. His work has been seen at KC Rex, the Mikser festival and a number of group exhibitions. ZED’s Snapshot Aesthetics was shown at the Free Net World festival in Nis, Serbia. His work deals with a plethora of different subjects, which he feels that one should research and experiment in order to broaden one’s horizons.

Therefore is a short and poetical film which paraphrases Descartes’ famous sentence “I think, therefore I am”. The rhythm of the sentences creates the flow which expresses a very clear attitude towards life in contemporary society. The shot composition emphasizes anonymity in order to cause the impression of universality in the spectator. The attitudes expressed in the film are based on the real life experience and are not meant to be offensive.