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Dominik Suppiger

The Cowboy and I, 15 min, Switzerland, 2013

Dominik Suppiger was born in Lucerne Switzerland. While at high school he joined a year-long art program in Stockholm. For the first time this creative environment enabled him to fully indulge his passion for film and photography. After receiving his graduate diploma he went on a six-month road trip through the USA. Accompanied by the books of John Steinbeck he realized what compelling stories are made of Imagination paired with real life experience. What followed was the preparatory design course and undergraduate studies at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Lucerne.

The director is no fool; his imagination is the only place where he is a tough hero… But he wants to break free from this tame dull life he is leading. He will ask urban cowboy Angy Burri how to go about it. Surely with this great guy’s help he will soon be a greenhorn no more but become a real man.