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Hwayong Jung

Euphoria, 5.13 min, United States, 2014

Hwayong Jung is an artist and designer who specialize in digital media. He used new technology as tool to create experience that extend and inform his creative process. It enable him to draw and re-interpret new visual experiences. He created the interactive sculpture with the environmental data and generative visual aesthetic brought by computer code and software. His works focused in making bridge and blur the line between design methodology and new technology more accessible and tangible.

“Euphoria” is experimental video that is depicting hyper-realistic landscape going thorough my own unique visual language. As a new approaches for representing landscape, this project has deal with perception, especially with aesthetic forms and pattern in our environment and the way recreate the landscape. Computer-generated atmosphere, organic forms and ruptured images are morph and blended into live organism that continuously changes, being and reproducing.


Author's name: Hwayong Jung Duration: 05:13 minOriginal title: EUPHORIAYear of production: 2014Country of production: United StatesFor more information about this video go to:

Posted by Videomedeja Video Art Association, Video Art Library & Festival, Novi Sad on Friday, June 5, 2020