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Yangzom Brauen

Ruprecht,11 min,United States, 2014

Yangzom grew up in the Swiss capital of Bern, the daughter of a Swiss anthropologist and a Tibetan artist. After completion of the drama school in Bern, she starred in the independent theater productions in Switzerland and Germany.

Dr. Ruprecht Rummel recently retired from a career as a Urologist. Spending most of his time at home now and looking forward to peace and quality time in his adopted home of Los Angeles, he gets terribly annoyed by the illegal use of leaf blowers. Despite having a Leaf Blower Hotline, the Department of Public Works does not enforce the law and regulations to battle these illegal dust blowers. Ruprecht, a proud L.A. resident, is determined to find some peace and takes the law in his own hands. In a much needed romantic twist, even a maverick like Ruprecht gets what he deserves.