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Maja Bogojević

Camera Lucida, 60 min, Monte Negro, 2015

Maja Bogojević (Ph.D.) is founder and editor-in-chief of the first Montenegrin film magazine, Camera Lucida, film theory professor and Dean of Faculty of Visual Arts at the Mediteran University, founder and President of Fipresci national section of Montenegro, member of FEDEORA. She has participated as a selector/jury member at numerous international film festivals, including Fipresci jury at 2013 Cannes Film festival. Her book Cinematic Gaze, Gender and Nation in Yugoslav film: 1945-1991 (based on her Ph.D. thesis) was published in 2013.

Camera Lucida ( is the original and, in the Balkans, a rare multilingvistican magazine from voluntary international team, dedicated to visual culture and film, primarily with the aim of moving the boundaries of film knowledge, education, film institutions and production. Rethinking and re-interpretation of theoretical concepts and frameworks – past and present – investigate the possibilities for future filmmaking.