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Agostina Guala

The happy days, 15 min, Stereo, Argentina, 2016

Agostina Guala was born in General Roca, Río Negro, in 1984. She study the career of “Cinema Direction” at the Universidad del Cine (FUC). While she was studying she shooted the short films “Y ella se tendió a su lado” (16 mm – 2005), “Contracorriente” (16 mm – 2007),  “La pileta de Violeta.

A short film about an instance in the life of a family. A family that shows the individual
struggles when their everyday routine ranges between affection and weariness.
On January 1st, Lucia and Juan decide to spend the day at the lake with their four children.

Universidad del Cine

Universidad del Cine, known in the trade as FUC, is a privately run national university created in 1991.
Its primary mission is to provide the highest academic and technological level in the areas of film, video, visual arts, visual communication and teacher training in each of these disciplines.