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Alexandra Averyanova

The Edge, 12 min, Stereo, Russian Federation, 2016

Aleksandra Averyanova was born in 1974 in Saint Petersburg. In 1996 she graduated from Fine Arts Faculty, Graphics Department of the Herzen University in St. Petersburg. From 1998 to 2003 she worked as a background designer at the Melnitsa Studio and then as a set designer of the feature animation film The Dwarf- Nose. In 2003 Alexandra attended an animated course at the computer animation studio Petersburg where she then continued as an animator and then as a director of animation series “Kikoriki”. In 2014 she completed her first author’s short animated film Shades of Gray. The Edge is her second author`s work.

An elderly woman lives at a small station, lost in the depth of a country. There’s not a single living creature for miles away. Every day, during many years, she is making the round of the metals. The same days pass in the most ordinary way. The only event in the woman’s life is a train that passes her station without a stop.