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Marcelo Filho

Años, 5:45 min, Color, Stereo, Argentina, 2017

22 years old, born in northeastern Brazil, finishing his studies in movie direction at Buenos Aires’ Universidad del Cine. Interested in brazilian drylands’ culture, started his works still in college directing a documentary web series in his hometown and currently writes his thesis.

They have been there since he can remember, the small house in the middle of nowhere, but one day she says he has to leave. Is she true? Is she trying to punish him? An adaptation of Cesare Pavese in the drylands of northeastern Brazil.

Universidad del Cine

Universidad del Cine, known in the trade as FUC, is a privately run national university created in 1991.
Its primary mission is to provide the highest academic and technological level in the areas of film, video, visual arts, visual communication and teacher training in each of these disciplines.