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William Turner

Tide, 12 min, Color, Stereo, Denmark, 2017

William Turner, 25, is from Australia and attended the European Film College from 2016-17. He is the director of ‘Tide’, which is his graduation film at the European Film College. He now lives in Australia.

Four middle-aged men are relaxing in their refuge; the local bathing club sauna in a small town in Jutland. Their peace and perfect bliss is shattered when Michael, a Copenhagen artist, and Jean-Paul, a Frenchman with Moroccan ancestry enter the sauna.

European Film College

European Film College is more than a film school. It is also a Danish folk high school, which means that all students, teachers and Principal live on campus. We offer young film talents from all over the world an intense 8,5-month, hands-on film foundation programme in English.