You are currently viewing Power and Seduction – recent works from the LIMA collection, Amsterdam

Theus Zwakhals

Power and Seduction – recent works from the LIMA collection, Amsterdam, 75 min, Netherlands, 2017

Curious about the latest works from renowned artists and emerging talent?

The media art collection of LIMA Amsterdam is an ever expanding chronicle filled with new media, video art, born digital art and installations. New works inform the collection with new lines of thought, relationships and perspectives. With the online catalogue as its platform and an international network within which to display the collection, LIMA unites artists with museums and festivals worldwide.

LIMA’s collection includes artworks dating back to the early experimentalists in the 1960’s to present day and focuses on major themes within media art: works that comment upon (mass) communication and (mass) media, (performance) registrations, medium-specific works and narrative video art. We are proud to present the work of well-known international artists and emerging talent in the field of video art and born-digital art, from Nam June Paik and Marina Abramovic, to Nicolas Provost and belit sag.


This program investigates the relationship between video art and cinema, and the seductive power as well as the truthfulness of contemporary images.

Douwe Dijkstra – Voor Film / Supporting Film (NL, 2015, 11min)
Seoungho Cho – Latency Contemplation 2 (USA/KOR, 2016, 7min)
belit sag, Ayhan and Me (NL/TR, 2016, 14min)
Donna Verheijden – Land of Desire – Happy is the New Black (NL, 18min, 2016)
Sebastian Diaz Morales – The Lost Object (NL, 2016, 13min)
Michiel van Bakel – Road Trip to the Dutch Mountains (NL, 2015, 3min)