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Lunartis Award for the best graduate film

Giovanni Busnach

SARA, 9:06 min, Color, Stereo, France, 2017

Giovanni Busnach was born and raised in Milan, Italy. Throughout his EICAR years he developed his own style through directing and writing. As a writer, besides writing screenplays, he has been a film critic for several Italian blogs and as a short film director, he has focused on “experimenting”.

A dystopian drama entirely set in a yellow, rectangular and windowless room. Joan & Sara appear to be a happy couple until Sara commits suicide. Joan hires Barney to provide her with a “new” Sara.

The International Film and Television School of Paris, EICAR

EICAR, The International Film & Television School – Paris, offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in English, prepares the filmmakers of tomorrow with a comprehensive practical degree incorporating the disciplines of Directing, Production, Editing, Screenwriting, & Cinematography.


Author's name: Giovanni BusnachDuration: 09:06 minSchool name: The International Film & Television School of Paris (EICAR)Original title: SARAYear of production: 2017Country of production: FranceFor more information about this video go to:

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