You are currently viewing Gare Paris-Saint-Lazare, 10 avril 2017, 12h03-12h07

Pablo-Martín Córdoba

Paris-Saint-Lazare Station, April 10, 2017, 12h03-12h07, 4:26 min, Color, Stereo, France, 2017

Contemporary Artist living and working in Paris. His work arise between stillness and motion, transposed from the real world to the image. Through videos, photo montages and installations, the artists investigate specific aspects of the world by using images.

Starting from a footage recorded in a busy urban environment, still frames are extracted and regularly overlaid into the video. The resulting hybrid image merges people’s positions according to different temporalities.

Awards, premiere (or any other additional info):

Kinodot Film Festival, 2018, Saint Petersburg / Russia.
Ibrida Festival, by Vertov Project, 2018, Forlì / Italy.
Cityscape exhibition, Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA), 2018, Gimpo / South Korea.
Collective exhibition A-N-D, with Le Noyau and diaph 8, espace d’Art Alma, 2018, Paris / France.
IMAGENFEST, Festival Internacional de la Imagen, 2018, Manizales / Colombia.
Selection for the Open Call #1 of the digital façade EP7, 2018, Paris / France.
Exhibition Delta, Contemporary Art Center Éléphant Paname, 2017, Paris / France.