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Dave Lojek loves filmmaking and belongs to the most prolific and most often selected directors with over 1460 screenings at international film festivals worldwide. His favorite genres are comedy, parody, fantasy, romance, poetry and experiment. Dave also directs documentaries, dramas, portraits, commercials, and music videos. His works and distributions won 200 film awards.

Dave Lojek graduated with an MA in English / American and Cultural Studies from Humboldt-University in his hometown Berlin.

As independent producer, he created 176 movies in 25 cities in 12 European countries by 2019. Mr. Lojek hosts monthly open cinema screenings in Germany’s oldest cinema and annual film workshops called KinoKabarets with his initiative KinoBerlino. Dave works as film distributor and president of a Film Association. The productions of APEIRON FILMS and KinoBerlino have been broadcast weekly since 2008 (ca. 11.000 times) on German TV and viewed online over 2 million times.