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Stevan Lutovac

Eternal present, 4:14 min, Color, Stereo, Serbia, 2019

Stevan Lutovac is the author of a number of experimental films and video works – he has acted in several domestic and foreign films. Apart from film and video art, he is also involved in painting. PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of the Arts in Belgrade – Multimedia Arts (Film, Video Art)

This multimedia work is conceived through the poetic synthesis of the media (polyvision and polyphony) Moving the ‘object’ to a triple-split screen – (polyvision) creates new meaningful relationships – audio-visual syntagms. The film as an instrument explores the time and the point we call the eternal present in which all three times will be connected (past, present and future). This is my audio-visual answer to the question: “What is the time?”

Večna sadašnjost

Author's name: Stevan Lutovac Duration: 04:14 minOriginal title: Večna sadašnjost Year of production: 2019Country of production: Serbia For more information about this video go to:

Posted by Videomedeja Video Art Association, Video Art Library & Festival, Novi Sad on Thursday, September 10, 2020