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Isabel Pérez del Pulgar

The queen of the house, 6:25 min, Color, Dolby SR, France, 2017

Born in Granada (Spain) with residence in France since 2015. Degree in Geography and Stories with the specialty of Art by the University of Granada.Video as an experimentation vehicle, where the movement is combined, sound and pictorial vision.

“The body has been a space in which power transits (M. Foucault) is the space of the symbolic, it is a hinge between the social and the psychic, it is the meaning and constructor of an identity, expression of a construction of gender in a Specific culture (Judith Buttler) therefore a way of placing ourselves before the world as political bodies refers to a substantial corporality “

It is a composite of many. The one who appears to be, the one who believes to be, the one who lets it be.