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Jelena Kovačević Vorgučin

veza – bound – nit – string, 08:32 min, Color, Mute, Serbia, 2020

Jelena Kovačević Vorgučin born 1975. MA of Photography. Associate Professor at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad.

The work “veza – bound – nit – string ” tells a personal but universal story about fragile threads of life. Through an intimate view on my mother’s aging hands, which, in a long frame, are alternately knitting and unknitting the yarn of a sweater she is making for her granddaughter, my daughter, I address the issue of passing of time and the universal theme of bonding, unravelling, tying, untying, separation and reunion of several generations within a family, by symbolic presentation of the thread from a ball of wool. The projection of the hands, red thread and the ball of wool, takes turn with equally long and melancholic frames of a landscape scene of the seemingly peaceful stagnant water of the Danube, which is nevertheless disturbed by an unexpected movement.