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Sonja Bojanić

Sistematika algi  2_1, 02:09 min, BW, Stereo, Serbia, 2020

Freelance Artist Status 2020

Member of SULUV since 2016

She gained the title of Master of Fine Arts in the class of Assoc. Prof. Goran Despotovski, Fine Arts Course, Department of Painting, at the subject Digital painting at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in 2015.

Algae are a large group of organisms that include various forms, from unicellular to multicellular. In my more recent works, I use radial symmetry. Symmetry is an appropriate organization of body parts which are arranged according to defined laws in accordance with axes of symmetry, so that the opposite sides are the same as the object and the figure in the mirror. According to this we can classify all animals into two groups. The asymmetrical ones, whose body cannot be divided into equal parts because they do not have a constant shape, such as amoebae and sponges. Symmetrical animals can be divided into spherically radially and bilaterally symmetrical shapes. Spherically symmetrical animals are also called homoxon organisms and have a spherical body shape. It is possible to pass an unlimited number of homopolistic axes through the center and place the same number of plane symmetries through them.