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Pink Twins

The Eternal, 15:20 min, Color,Stereo, Finland, 2021


Pink Twins is a duo of visual artists and electronic musicians, brothers Juha (b. 1978) and Vesa Vehviläinen (b. 1974), based in Helsinki, Finland. Active as Pink Twins since 1997, their videos work on the crossing of visual art and music. Live Pink Twins deliver improvised digital soundscapes, often combined with video screenings. Pink Twins have shown their works in exhibitions and festivals in all continents and performed audiovisual live shows through Europe, Americas, Asia and Australia.

Chinese classical gardens are a synthesis of a thousand years of landscaping, architecture, poetry and painting. The idealized artificial terrain of the gardens have influenced artists for centuries to create architypal landscapes images, which in turn have inspired garden design. The gardens are trancendental spaces, providing artificial landscapes and virtual oases to silence the surrounding megalopolitan overload. In their new work “The Eternal” chaos animators Pink Twins distort the views of gardens with a crystal-like caleidoscopic tunnel, adding a psychedelic layer to ancient harmonic panoramas.