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26. Videomedeja

Sunday, Oct 09th 2022, Svilara, Novi Sad

19:00 – 19:45

Lukas Jakob Löcker & Reinhard Zach

3Drio Transformation, Stereo, Austria, 2021

Lukas Jakob Löcker – Multimedia composer, filmmaker & lecturer – social sound projects & international exhibition activities (Berlin, Istanbul, Bucharest).

Reinhard Zach – Studied art education & technical crafts, as well as media design. He is a freelance filmmaker with media pedagogical activities.

Wait, listen, react – 3D printer, cello & analog synthesizer as chamber music trio and „interface“. The deus ex machina sets the rhythm, which gets picked up, counteracted and evolved by 2 humans. Improvisation as form of communication and sonic experiment, to connect and transform medialities.