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Isabel Pérez del Pulgar

Engranaje, 07:05 min, B&W, Stereo, France, 2022

Isabel Pérez del Pulgar born in Granada (Spain) with residence in France since 2015. Graduated in Geography and History with a specialty in Art from the University of Granada. In the mid-2000s, she adopted video as a means of creation and expression.

The machine is a system of systems. And the system is an ordered module of elements. All of this makes up a body, a machinery that works to the extent that there is integration and coordination between all the ordered systems that make it up. For this coordination it is necessary the acceptance, by each element that builds the system, of its role within the gear that moves the machinery. Control, submission, acceptance. Each element watches and is watched. Symptoms of a panoptic machinery, which creates and sustains a power relationship without relevance in the element that exercises it. In this way power is left without a face to identify it, being blurred. Giving the general appearance that each element, individualized, conducts itself in full freedom of choice, under the surveillance of a great eye that sees and controls everything. The Blackmirror.