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Sofía Ayala

Volver al sur, 14:53 min, Color, Dolby SR, Germany, DFFB, 2022

Father is dead. Daughter and son carry his corpse south of the border. Despite the risk this journey entails, they set out to bury him at the place that used to be home. A migrant family story.

Born in 1994 in Mexico City. Sofía Ayala studied Dramatic Literature and Theatre at The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). In 2018 she moved to Germany and began her studies at the German Film and Television Academy of Berlin (DFFB). Here she has continued to explore metaphoric storytelling and to develop approaches to dismantle the male gaze in cinema.

Since 1966 the DFFB has hosted an open community of emerging filmmakers supported by the City of Berlin. DFFB was in its early years the only film akademie in the Federal Republic. Today it is one of a number of German film schools, but it retains a very distinctive teaching system and mission.