Made in Serbia Videomedeja 2019.

Made in Serbia Videomedeja 2019 feature 11 exquisite works by the artists from Serbia. Video clips from the works that are part of the Made in Serbia Videomedeja 2019 can be viewed on our site in the VIDEO GALLERY. Or if you prefer, you can view them directly on the Videomedeja Facebook page.

Colour 1_1

Sonja Bojanić Colour 1_1, 2:02 min, Color, Stereo, Serbia, 2019 Member of SULUV since 2016. She earned the title Master of Fine Arts in the class of Assoc. Goran Despotovski, Art Department, Art

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Večna sadašnjost

Stevan Lutovac Eternal present, 4:14 min, Color, Stereo, Serbia, 2019 Stevan Lutovac is the author of a number of experimental films and video works – he has acted in several domestic and

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Portret bika?Subverzija!

Sreten Vuković Portrait of a bull? Subversion!, 1 min, Color, Stereo, Serbia, 2019 Videographer, animator, photograper, graphic and web designer. Worked for tv and production companies in the

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Form and Abandon

Pavle and Anuk Jovović Form and Abandon, 15:17 min, Color, Stereo, Serbia, 2018 Pavle Jovović, born 1989 in Užice, lives and works in Basel and Belgrade. Anuk Jovović, born 1984 in Basel, lives

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Bojan Josić The Searcher, 3:21 min, Color, Stereo, Serbia, 2019 Born in 1995 in Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Student of Film and TV Editing at the Academy of Arts of the University of Novi Sad,

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Tipot Yaereach  Moon Drops

Asaf Yecheskel Tipot Yaereach  Moon Drops, 16 min, Color, Stereo, Serbia, 2018 Yoram Ever-Hadani has been directing high profile commercials for the biggest international brands, he wrote 5

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rezon Rđi

Miloš Peškir resonant Rust, 3 min, Color, Stereo, Serbia, 2018 Miloš Peškir, born (1976) in Belgrade, Serbia. Educated in Visual Art Intermedia. Active in the field of, time-based and non

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Ruins In Prospect

Andrej Tišma Ruins In Prospect, 3:54 min, Color, Stereo, Serbia, 2018 Andrej Tišma is an artist, art critic and curator based in Novi Sad, Serbia. From the ’80s he was concerned with

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Stevan Novaković Paratehne, 18:41 min, Color, Stereo, Serbia, 2019 Stevan Novaković, born in Belgrade 1953. Studied history of art at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. Multi / media artist

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Messages on the road

Snežana Mirotić Messages on the road, 7:10 min, Color, Serbia,2017 Snežana Mirotić, is born in Pancevo (Serbia) at 1958. Studied termodynamics on the Faculty at Natural Sciences.  Multimedia

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Traces of The Great War

Vladislav Andrejević Traces of The Great War, 2:02 min, Color, Stereo, Serbia, 2018 Cinematography student, born in Belgrade in 1996. Spent my childhood in Lisbon, Portugal. Started making short

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Festival consists of the competitive program and various accompanying programs which, depending on the current productions and conception, happens on the different locations in Novi Sad and elsewhere.

The program is divided into several basic segments which are depending on the current concept developed in other, smaller parts:
• Exhibition of current media projects: video installations, sound installations, interactive installations, objects, hybrid forms, url projects and applications.
• Projections of videos and experimental films produced in the last 2 years
• Audio-visual concert
• Presentations and programs by invitation
• Selection of “Made in Serbia”

made in serbia videomedeja 2019 sala

As part of the program, festival focuses on art projects that combine images and sound, advanced communication, objects, in a symbiotic or avant-garde style; of videos, documentaries and short films, digital animation, media installations, interventions in the exhibition area, interactive and robotic objects, url projects, open source applications, live audiovisual performances, electronic music, advanced technologies in artistic practice.

made in serbia videomedeja 2019 publika

Accompanying programs are realized in forms of projections, installations, performances and TV shows broadcasted on both local and national TV stations.

All works within festival categories produced in last 2 years could be nominated for the competitive selection, which is curated by Selection Committee. All the applicants have to submit the entry form.

International Jury selects the best works for the following awards:
Sphinx Award is for the best Video.
Bogdanka Poznanovic Award is for the best Media Installation, Live piece, Software, URL.

Depending on the design of the program sometimes there’s Audience Award.

Renowned artists, prominent critics, theoreticians, producers, distributors and journalists from all over the world are regular guests of the Festival.

made in serbia videomedeja