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start on February 1st 2024


Early Bird Entries are from February 1st till February 29th 2024.

Early Bird  donation* - 7 €

Regular Entries are from March 1st till June 15th 2024.

Regular donation* - 12 €

* Fee waiver: The festival offers the possibility to apply without a donation for artists who have had more than 3 works at the previous editions of the Videomedeja Festival or international payments and PayPal payments have been blocked. You need to send a request to the email: office@videomedeja.org, specify the name of the work and the year of the festival or send us an official link where it is confirmed that your country has blocked international payments and PayPal payments.

Extended Entries are from June 16th till July 10th 2024.

Extended donation - 22 €
There is no exemption from donation.

Please donate through our donation form. You will receive a link with the Entry Form to your email address that you registered during the donation, check your inbox or SPAM folder.

An artist can submit multiple works, but must fill out a new Entry Form for each work.

The competition program is open to various forms of creative artistic expression and communication with electronic media completed after January 1st 2022.

Submit on Videomedeja

Extended Donation for Entries

Extended Entries for Videomedeja are from June 16th till July 10th

Donations for Entries are required. You will receive a link with the Entry Form to your email address that you registered during the donation, check your inbox or SPAM folder.

You can also submit your work on the following external platforms where you can have some additional discounts as well as discounts for students and members:


  • SCREENING: video art, short films, digital animations
  • MEDIA PROJECTS: media installations, interventions in the exhibition space, advanced technologies in artistic practice, interactive visual art, XR (eXtended Reality), AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), MR (mixed reality), robotic objects, net and social media projects, Metaverse, audiovisual performances and experiments, AI art

Programs focuses on art projects using new media for artistic expression and communication feature a wide variety of genres and forms that combine images and sound, advanced communication, objects, in a symbiotic or avant-garde style.


  • Videomedeja Grand Prize - 1000€ + digital diploma + publicity
    The Videomedeja Grand Prize is for the best work, for creativity, innovation and artistic value.
  • Bogdanka Poznanović Award - Digital diploma + publicity
    The Bogdanka Poznanović Award is for the best work produced in Serbia.
  • Special Mention - digital diploma + publicity
  • Audience Award: digital diploma + publicity.

The winners from the competition part of the program are chosen by a three-member jury composed of distinguished international experts, and the Bogdanka Poznanović Award is awarded by a three-member selection committee.

Publicity: publication and promotion of awarded works in electronic and printed media, as well as on portals and social platforms. The news about the awarded works is sent to over 10.000 e-mails of local and foreign media.


The selection committee will consider submitted applications and works that meet all the stated formal requirements and general conditions of the competition, according to the following criteria, criteria and method of selection:

  • quality, originality, authenticity of the topic, content and form
  • substantive and/or formal innovation of the work
  • experimentalism and examination of the environment and standard norms
  • use of new technologies in work and/or presentation
  • interaction and impact on the individual and society
  • professional and technical capacities required for the presentation of work
  • economy and easy transportation of equipment and work