One best work is selected from both categories: Screenings and Media Projects.

  • Videomedeja Grand Prize - 1000€ + digital diploma + publicity
    The Videomedeja Grand Prize is for the best work, for creativity, innovation and artistic value.
  • Bogdanka Poznanović Award - Digital diploma + publicity
    The Bogdanka Poznanović Award is for the best work produced in Serbia.
  • Special Mention - digital diploma + publicity
  • Audience Award: digital diploma + publicity

The winners from the competition part of the program are chosen by a three-member jury composed of distinguished international experts, and Bogdanka Poznanović is awarded the prize by a three-member selection committee.

Publicity: publication and promotion of awarded works in electronic and printed media, as well as on portals and social platforms. The news about the awarded works is sent to over 10.000 e-mails of local and foreign media.