Thursday, 12. 10. 2023. Cultural Station Svilara, Novi Sad

19:00 – 19:45


kinetic audio-video-light-sculpture _ live-performance / installation _ 2020

ROTOЯ confronts the fundamental categories of movement, time, and space … (Shilla Strelka)

With ROTOЯ, Peter Kutin (concept, composition, live electrionics) collaborates with Patrik Lechner (live-videoprojections) and Mathias Lenz (mechatronics) for this kinetic Audio-Video-Light-Sculpture live-performance. Following the basic parameters of Kutin’s kinetic object TORSO#1 from 2018, ROTOЯ applies an even more intense acceleration onto the media-branches sound, image, light and object. It reaches stages where the rotating sound-sculpture transcendes into a hologram alike sonic-body, a kinetic-performer that is passing and morphing through unpredictable heterochronic states by establishing a beguiling complex multimedial-polyrhythm.