International Jury of the 19th International Video Festival Videomedeja in 2015. with the following members: Damon Mohl from USA, Maja Bogojević from Monte Negro and Mihailo Ristić from Serbia has made the following decisions:


The Sphinx Award for the best video:

Bjoern Melhus, Freedom & Independence, 15 min, Color, Stereo, Germany, 2014

The Sphinx Award has been presented to Bjoern Melhus’s Freedom & Independence. An outstanding video art work incorporating a wide range of media and diverse stylistic procedures ranging from modern cinematic aesthetics, subversive theatrical means, and multifarious video and television effects, creating a richness of associations with masterly constructed artistic images. A refreshing social critique realized in a nuanced and exceptionally playful ironic manner, all perfected with sophisticated and subtle humour with an empowering tone.


Bogdanka Poznanović Award for the best Media Installation, Live piece, Software, URL:

Michael Takeo Magruder, A New Jerusalem, Stereo, United Kingdom, 2014

An installation noted for its style in which the artist incorporates both immersive and artistic, technologically sophisticated elements, consisting of a VR Oculus Rift head-set creating a unique awe-inspiring sensual experience coupled with complementary projected animated volumetric visual forms. Ultimately the work creates an inspiring, yet cryptic, multi-layered interpretation.


Lunartis Award for the best graduate film:

Didac Gimeno, Oscillation, 8 min, Color, Stereo, Spain, 2015

A film noted for its exceptional maturity, fluidity and visual sophistication. Inventive, imaginative and seamlessly structured, with dream-like elements finely combined within the narrative structure.


Special mention video:

Ludovico Failla, 41°45’N 12°40’E: Tormentato da un’ Amore senza oggetto, scopre l’Acqua di un lago di Fuoco e la sua Flora., 5.41 min, Stereo, Italy, 2015

Single-author artistic contribution

Douwe Dijkstra, Voor Film, 11.36 min, Stereo, Netherlands, 2015

Self-reflexive video film

Ellen Wetmore, Grotesques, 3.00 min, Stereo, United States, 2014

Art video collage

Dmitri Voloshin, Death Sails, 5.18 min, Stereo, Moldova, 2014

Cinematic animation

Lea Vidakovic, The Vast Landscape – porcelain stories, 11.00 min, Stereo, Croatia, 2014

Stop-motion animation with manually constructed sets

Mikel Subiza Jimenez, Habitar, 15 min, Color, Dolby Digital, Spain, 2015

Hybrid video poetry and dance

Andrea Baldini,Ferdinand Knapp, 15 min, Color + B&W, Stereo, France, 2014

High-end artistic production

Martijn Veldhoen,Tijd en Plaats, een gesprek met mijn moeder, 35 min, Color + B&W, Stereo, Netherlands, 2015

Video multimedia documentary portraits/lyrical family autobiography


Special mention installations:

Max Hattler, —O| , Stereo, Venezuela, 2015

Computer Art Graphic Multi-screen Installation

Tracy Peters, Disturbance, 3:19 min, Color, Stereo, Canada, 2014

Single -Channel Installation

Francesca Fini, DADALOOP, 10:04 min, Color, Stereo, Italy, 2015

3D visuaal collage/cultural criticism


Special mention Lunartis:

Jonathan Van Essche, The Second of August, 18:49 min, Color, Stereo, Belgium, 2014

Visually innovative work

Kiro Russo, New Life, 15:15 min, Color, Stereo, Argentina, 2015

Innovative exploration of cinematic language


Lunartis Audience Award for the best graduate film:

Victoria Visco, She Walks, 17:00 min, B&W, Stereo, France, 2014


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