Video Art Association VIDEOMEDEJA is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit and non-partisan association of citizens. It was established in 1996 in Novi Sad, Serbia.

The basic idea is to promote independent video art production, affirmation of video creation and innovative art forms, avant-garde art and new media. Development of critical thinking and theory of contemporary visual arts, international cooperation, development of intercultural dialogue, education of students and professors, affirmation of young artists, contribution to technological development and demystification of new media and technologies in public, improvement of digital literacy, digitalization of contemporary visual heritage and use of digital tools within all activities of the association. The development of the creative industry and the use of digital tools is the main feature of our work both within all activities of the association within the organization and in the public presentation of projects and in its implementation.

objectives of establishment from the statute


The goals of the Association are the affirmation of video creation and related art forms and avant-garde art and new media.

In order to achieve its goals, the Association in particular:

- performs presentation and popularization of video art and other forms of creativity in the field of activities of the Association;

- nurtures high values ​​of artistic creation in the areas of activity of the Association;

- raises the technical and technological level of video and other artistic production in the Republic of Serbia;

- promotes the distribution of works by Serbian authors in our country and the world, as well as world authors in the Republic of Serbia;

- publishing and production of works by domestic and foreign authors

- cooperation and association with related organizations in the country and abroad;

- organizes festivals, paratheatrical events, performances, installations, multimedia spectacles, professional congresses, seminars, conferences, workshops and study trips in the field of the Association;

- publishing activity (publication and distribution of catalogs, magazines, books and other publications, CDs, films, video and audio cassettes, etc.) in accordance with the law;

- cooperation with program-related organizations in the country and abroad;

- other activities that achieve the goals set out in this Statute.


The basic activities, specific knowledge and skills of VIDEOMEDEJA are the organization of the festival and the production of video works; organization of exhibitions, installations, multimedia events, performances, audio-visual performances, concerts, forums, seminars, workshops, study trips, production and post-production of artistic video works, feature and documentary short and feature films, promotional videos, software presentations, publishing (publishing and distribution of works by domestic and international authors, catalogs and publications), development of intercultural dialogue, establishing partnerships and participation in European projects, cooperation with relevant institutions at local and international level, education in modern and new media, technological development of the environment and virtual space , raising the technical and technological level of video and other artistic production in the Republic of Serbia and beyond, participation in numerous independent projections-selections by invitation, lectures and presentations at faculties, festivals, cultural institutions, etc. at home and abroad. Development and publication of the first, largest, unique, free, public, world, online portal Videomedeja VAL (Video Art Library).



International New Media Art Festival


Portal and Festival of the animated memories


Short video forms




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