Miroslav Jović FAUNTOM, 05:00, Color, Stereo, RS, 2011 Transformation of one man from a remarkable citizen to a serial (animal) killer...

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Sparks 4

Matthew Pell Sparks 4, 01:32, Color, Stereo, GB, 2012 Sparks 4 is from an ongoing body of work exploring the manipulation and abstraction of time, view, movement, size & sound…

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Matthew Pell

Matthew Pell (b.1968) is a UK-based Moving-Image Artist & Lecturer. In the 1990's he studied Visual Communications and gained a Masters Degree in Cinema Studies. Since 2000 Pell has been…

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Marko Ubović Šivenje, 17:22, Color, Stereo, RS, 2013Marko Ubović recognizes, applies and relates all of the elements and available means of expression – from photography, audio and video recordings and…

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Marko Ubović

Born in Belgrade, moved to Basel, Switzerland at the age of 12. From 2004-2008 studied Arts and Video at Art and Design Colleges in Basel and Lucerne, Switzerland. From 2008…

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Mauri Lehtonen Yuggoth, 01:22, Color, Stereo, FI, 2013Fungoid garden on planet Yuggoth. https://www.facebook.com/videomedeja/videos/649253615805506/

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Mauri Lehtonen

Mauri Lehtonen is a filmmaker and a writer. His film works vary from abstract structuralism to experimental pop mutations. His writings can be defined as "post-apocalyptic trash poems". http://www.maurilehtonen.com

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The Choir

Marcantonio Lunardi The Choir, 04:13, Color, Stereo, IT, 2013Each vocalist has a monitor-head which shows a recorded image. Their performance exists only when broadcasted by television. Like in talk-shows, culture…

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Marcia Beatriz Granero Mundum, 05:00, Color, Stereo, BR, 2012 As she arrives in an unusual setting, Jaque Jolene reveals an unknown feeling of letting go of some belongings.

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Liat Berdugo

Liat Berdugo is an American-Israeli artist whose work focuses on the strange, delightful and increasingly ambiguous terrain between the digital and the analog, the online and the offline, the scientific…

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