International Jury of the 21st International Video Festival Videomedeja in 2017. with the following members: Theus Zwakhals from Netherlands, Dalibor Barić from Croatia and Vladimir Tupanjac from Serbia has made the following decisions:

The Sphinx Award for the best video:

Ageda Kopla Taldea, Beti bezperako koplak, 5:22 min, Color, Stereo, Spain, 2016

„Some traditions never change…“

In a disturbing and at the same time poetic way this film challenges what is usually being hidden behind closed doors. Celebrating St. Agatha’s Day Couplets of Everlasting Eve tries to emancipate position of women in traditionally rooted society.

Bogdanka Poznanović Award for the best Media Installation, Live piece, Software, URL:

Marc Lee, Pic-me – fly to the locations where users send posts, Mute, Switzerland, 2016

Internet is a platform for connecting people. Instagram is a platform open for people to show their everyday pictures. This installation in a simple but effective way combines the qualities of each and brings us closer to people around the world using Google Earth interface.

Lunartis Award for the best graduate film:

Payal Kapdia, Afternoon Clouds, 13 min, Color, Stereo, India, 2016

By achieving the both technical and artistic quality of film-making the movie Afternoon Clouds creates an exquisite atmosphere, pace and rytham of pure cinematic poetry

Lunartis Audience Award for the best graduate film:

Darren Parker, Incurable, 24 min, Color, Stereo, South Africa, 2016


Special mention video:

Rafael, HER RED, 6 min, Color, Stereo, South Korea, 2017

Special mention Lunartis:

Theresa Mak, After Sunrise, 30 min, Color, Stereo, China, 2016