You are currently viewing The Chemical and Physical Perception, in the Eye of the Cat, in the moment of the cut

Marcello Mercado

12:58, Color, Stereo
I have imagined an accident- a finger-cut, that actually happened to me in 1973, watched by a cat. The parallel pereption of man and animal. I have animated this explosive process of pain transmission, with neurally-inspired models.
Parallel, distributed information processing. 1014 Synapses, 10-6 m, 30W, 100HZ, a wide range of physical and biochemical reactions; the norepinephrine-serotonin system; the calcium-channel blockers; the brain astroglial cells; the feeling and the regulation of the emotions in the brain; the limbic system and ist connections, etc. How we feel and learn? How works this slow hardware? A massive answer, may be. I have used very high sound frequencies in order to put in evidence the voltage-gated channels,and the impulses jumping the gaps-all the bio-electrical process. The trigger animated-patterns.