Aleksandra Domanović

Anhedonia video (87:00, loop), DE, 2007

Anhedonia came out of a desire to replace the visual layer of an entire film with tagged footage, putting the words from the script into a search engine. In this case Annie Hall, 1977 by Woody Allen, was chosen for its ground braking structure of long shots and almost only dialogue based content. The idea can also bee seen as a reversal of Woody Allen’s directorial debut, What’s Up Tiger Lily?, a 1966 comedy, which utilized clips from Kokusai Himitsu Keisatsu: Kagi No Kagi, 1965, a Japanese spy film.
In psychology, anhedonia is an inability to experience pleasure from normally pleasurable life events such as eating, exercise and social or sexual interaction. It was also supposed to be the original title of Annie Hall, but it was considered unmarketable.