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Alisi Telengut

The Backyard, 1.48 min, Canada, 2013

Alisi Telengut, creates animation frame by frame under the camera, with painting as the medium to generate movement and explore hand-made and painterly visuals for her films. Her works have been culturally engaged and focused on nomadic ethnic minorities. Her recent films were awarded, have been presented in various international film venues and exhibitions as moving image art, and have also contributed to ethno graphic, ethno cultural and archaeological research.

An experimental piece that explores colors, textures and movement with digital photography and animated painting.

The Backyard

Author's name: Alisi TelengutDuration: 01:48 minOriginal title: The BackyardYear of production: 2013Country of production: CanadaFor more information about this video go to:

Posted by Videomedeja Video Art Association, Video Art Library & Festival, Novi Sad on Wednesday, June 3, 2020